Day 57! …………….

The Nigerian government should understand that their damaged image is irreparable no matter how the abduction of these girls goes. When a plane crashes or a ship sinks, rescuers rush to salvage what they could from the disaster. However, a few days after the crash, the rescue team will become the recovery team. After 57 days of captivity for these girls, their situation is now almost turning into a rescue case. The thought of those girls never ever coming back is unthinkable. I, for one continue to pray and hope that they return. For this reason, I continue to hold them up with my daily reminders that they must not be forgotten.

These reminders are also to let the government of Nigeria know that they cannot brush the predicament of these girls under the carpet. With their image as damaged as it is today, they should do the right thing and step down so that perhaps another group, a new group of administrators may try where they failed. This is the right thing to do. If someone who is in charge fails to perform, that person must have the decency to step down and allow someone else to try. If this present administration fails to return these girls, they should all step down.

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