Day 58! ……………..

The more vulnerable villages in those areas where Boko Haram operates have set up vigilante groups to wade off Boko Haram attacks, but they are the ones who are truly out-armed by Boko Haram. In the latest reported attack, they were the victims. Boko Haram now combs remote villages to extort food and supplies by kidnapping in exchange for food. These remote villages are complying and not reporting these attacks for fear of reprisal.

Long before the abduction of the Chibok girls, these attacks for food had gone on un-noticed even by the authorities who sometimes feigned ignorance of the attacks. The Chibok girls abduction would have gone the same way were it not for the outrage of it all. The government of Nigeria has always skimmed over these reports, and either swept them under the carpet, and hoped that things will die down, or simply delegated the Military to take care of it. And we know how much the Military have done in recent times to quell Boko Haram, not much.

If the Chibok girl’s case had not gone international, it would have been suppressed or the government would have simply denied it ever happened. It took the international out-cry, three weeks after the abduction took place for the government to react. The non-stop ravages of Boko Haram have continued, and the government is still helpless to contain it.

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