Day 66! ………………How Did We Get Here? (8)

They say that every great man has a great woman behind him. It could be his mother, or it could be his wife. If you ask a Nigerian man about this, he would rather choose his mother over his wife, that is, if he accepts that there is any kind of woman behind him.

For a country where for a long time women had no voice, and they still have no voice in large areas of the country, this will shed some light into why Boko Haram went for the voiceless. They really hoped that no one will be interested in the fate of 276 girls if they took them, as if they belonged to no one, and used them, as if it is their right to do so. Those girls may not have a voice, but the world is speaking out for them.

The plans of Boko Haram where those girls are concerned have failed, and will continue to fail. Those girls have become today like fish bones stuck in their throats. They cannot swallow it, and they cannot eject it. One way or the other, they will have to end up sticking their own fingers in their throats and eject those girls, or it will be their early end. I say early end because their final end will surely come. The abduction of those girls is just the beginning of that end.
(We will continue)

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