Day 67! ………………How Did We Get Here? (9

Always, before I write my blog, I search the world news for anything about the abducted girls, but my search always returns nothing. Most news about these girls is either stale, or a repeat of what we have heard before. I have talked a lot about the corruption in Nigeria that may be holding up the finding of these girls, and how this corruption is so deeply rooted and so widely spread that it will be daunting eliminating it. But of course nothing is impossible with God.

Today as I was searching world’s news, I came across news from Nigeria and how she deals with this particular type of corruption. This son of one of our past very corrupt leaders, himself also very corrupt, agreed to return a miserly $227 million to the government if corruption charges against him were dropped. This man’s late dad stole billions, so a few millions for his GOOD name and a clean slate, and the officials in one accord, jumped in with both legs and exonerated him of his own guilt. Now he deems himself clean enough to run for governorship.

I promise you that if that money ever gets into the official’s hands, it will vanish before anyone can say Jack Robinson. The about half a billion dollars that was sequestered from the late dad and returned before this recent one, half of it has already grown wings and flown.

(We will continue).

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