Day 68! ………………How Did We Get Here? (10)

I am in shock right now! I just read that the Nigerian government has wrapped up their investigation on the abducted school girls without any conclusions, or way forward. This has raised millions of questions in my head. What does “wrapping up” the investigation mean here? Does it mean that they are done with making sure the girls return? That there will be no more investigations? I had always believed that they were actively looking for ways to free these girls, and not just investigating their abduction? This is because I had also believed that they always knew the whereabouts of these girls.

Which way now? Where do we go from here? I was afraid that things will come to this, that these girls will be abandoned to their fate by their own government as they do to their country men and women everywhere else. How can President Jonathan justify this? If his intention is to openly “wrap up” the investigation, but covertly continue the search, why make the announcement? Searching for ways to free the girls and investigating their abduction are two different things. We know how they were abducted. All we want to know is when and not how they will be release.…. We don’t need details, we just want results.

Therefore the President should keep his “wrapping up” to himself and step up with looking for ways to free those girls.

(We will continue).

1 thought on “Day 68! ………………How Did We Get Here? (10)

  1. Pete Vanlaw

    So sad to be ruled by a government that is totally ineffectual, continuing to grind out PR releases to show the world how much they’re doing, while in fact they’re sitting on their hands.



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