Day 72! ………………How Did We Get Here? (13)

When I read about the failures of the Nigerian Military in quelling the assaults of Boko Haram, it churns my stomach. How can anyone explain the fact that there is a state of emergency in all of those areas where Boko Haram still goes on a daily rampage? How does the Military want anyone to believe that they are not behind this whole tragedy. We must remember that the Nigerian Military is made up of mostly Northerners. That is the only body that has consistently rebuffed equal representation as provided by the law. So, the failures of the Military in controlling the situation is very suspicious. And they can never justify it with the excuses we hear from them: that they are out-numbered,… that they are not as equipped as … and the saddest of all the excuses: that they are hungry, and not well paid.

Everyone there is hungry. Only the few who have access to the booty can truthfully say that they are not hungry. Even if these fat cats claim that they are hungry, their looks will say otherwise. So, when the Military say that they are hungry, they are simply saying that they are not eating and hoarding food for themselves, and their generations to come.

They are not hungry. They are simply fighting a covert, but losing battle against the country that they are paid to protect.

(We will continue).

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