Day 73! ………………How Did We Get Here? (14)

Something has just come up. This is not the blog I planned to write today, but I just read that the Nigerian government has hired an American PR company to clean up the image of the government, and make it look good to the world. The PR company is also to repair the bad image of President Jonathan Goodluck, to prepare him for the forthcoming election for his re-election.

Well, I think that this a worthy but troubling enough news to stop me on my tracks. Did the Americans not promise to help Nigeria find the girls? I think they did, so what happened to that promise? Did the Nigerian government succeed in obtaining the release of the girls? No, they did not. There are so many other questions whirling in my head, but I will like to know the answer to just this two.

It would seem that America is so disgusted with the state of things in Nigeria that they have quietly backed off from their promise. This I know, that if America is allowed to find those girls and get them released, the whole thing would have been an old story by now. So, what happened? What went wrong?

On what basis, would the Nigerian government be looking to clean up her battered image? Is it on the basis that they have quelled Boko Haram, or found and returned the girls? Poor Nigeria!…

(We will continue).

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