Day 75! ………………How Did We Get Here? (16)

The situation surrounding the abducted girls continue to remain unclear. One day, the American government spokesman tells us that America has stopped all surveillance to trace the missing girls, and have instead detailed other forms of actions for the same purpose. Another day, we read that they stopped their surveillance to make way for other countries like France and England to continue the search. This looks like a double talk to me.

This is a very confusing situation which I do not understand. Does it mean that America has washed her hands completely from this tragedy, and has turned her back on Nigeria? It would seem that like Nigeria, America has also failed these girls, but I refuse to accept that this is the case. I will like America to realize that the case of these girls is a cry for help, and American must not fail them.

I have faith in America, but not so much in England because they have too much vested interest in the north of Nigeria. France has really never done much in the past for and with Nigeria, although Nigeria is surrounded by French speaking countries, and they may fear that if Boko Haram is not stopped, their vandalism will soon ease into their friendly territories, something which has already started happening. I suppose America has vested interest too, but here, we are talking of a lesser evil.

(We will continue).

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