Day 80! ………………How Did We Get Here? (21)

Hello girls, wherever you are, wherever they are hiding you, take heart, God answers prayers and He will deliver you, all of you. Be strong. I know that it is hard to be strong under the circumstances you find yourselves, but you must be strong and trust God. He will show those blood suckers the He is God, and His ways are not our ways. Only His intervention can bring this to an end, and He will surely do it. Do not be afraid, in your hearts be strong.

Whatever your captors do, in the end, they will know that there is a God. They think now that they are in control, but they are deluded. Only God can control, only God is in control. When the time comes, and it will come, they will know who is in control. If only they could step back and look at themselves, and see how futile their wasting of lives and properties is, they will feel sorry for themselves.

Just as our erudite and Nobel Prize Professor said recently:”The (Boko Haram) forces that would like to see this nation break up are the very forces which will not be satisfied having their enclave,” he said. “(We) are confronted with an enemy that will never be satisfied with the space it has.” How very true! They will never be satisfied with what they have, and will never attain what they crave.

(We will continue).

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