Day 81! ………………How Did We Get Here? (22)

It is now being rumored that some of these abducted girls are becoming pregnant. This should not surprise anyone. Our people say that a goat and a tuba of yam should not be kept in the same room, otherwise, the goat will eat the yam, so, it is not a surprise at all that these girls are subjected to these kind of things. The people holding them are not saints, if they were, they would not have abducted them in the first place. Getting the girls pregnant may not have been in their agenda, but I doubt that they even know that rape can result in pregnancy.

Their filthy, distorted, and ignorant minds must be telling them that if they spoil the girls as must as they plan to do, no one will want them back. But their minds are lying to them, that’s why I call them ignorant. They forget that they are dealing with human beings, daughters that belong to families, with mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, that it does not matter how much they are spoiled by this predicament, it will never count as something against them. So let Boko Haram continue having their fun, in the end, they will still be the losers.

I cry for my daughters, for they do not know how much I love them, no matter what, and pray for their safe return. What matters now is their safety, their life, not what that life has become. As long as they are alive, their lives can be repaired. They are not to blame.

(We will continue).

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