Day 85! ………………How Did We Get Here? (26)

Some days the momentum for bringing our girl home are good, some days, information on them is scarce. My fear is that the lean days are outnumbering the good days more and more as those girls remain missing. I was almost ecstatic when I heard that some 6o of them escaped. I was hoping and thinking that is should be from amongst the school girls, but alas! the school girls are still missing.

I am beginning to believe that the Nigerian authorities, apart from their indolence, are simply hoping that everyone regards the fate of those girls as a lost case, and forget about them. Their thinking could align with the thinking of Boko Haram that the captured girls should be considered as booty, and therefore the world should allow Boko Haram to have and keep them. That after three months of their capture, the world should understand this, forget them, and face other matters.

Otherwise, why should it take so long to find and release them? Why is America doing a double talk on the matter? They must have seem the hopelessness of pursuing the matter, according to how it has been presented to them by the Nigerian authorities. They are not telling us anything or giving us hope that the girls will be freed. Why do we not hear from the other countries who are purportedly helping in the search? Why? Why? Why?

(We will continue).

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