Day 84! ………………How Did We Get Here? (25)

If what we are hearing this morning is true, this is because, I regard any news item from the Nigerian Military concerning our girls with a cocked eye, but let’s accept that it is true, that 6o girls have actually escaped, then Hurrah … and kudos to the girls. It has started to happen. I wished that the escapees were from amongst the school girls. If by escaping is the way the abductees will find freedom, then let’s pray that more of them escape. Let us also hope that this is the beginning of the end.The Military should use this opportunity to swoop in on the insurgents, and finish them off.

The Military should also see this as an opportunity for them to end Boko Haram’s scourge in Nigeria. They should find out from the escapees everything they need to know about the workings of Boko Haram. They should not let this momentum die down. The escapees have shown that Boko Haram is weakening, and they should not be allowed to reenforce or reorganize. Boko Haram must be having a serious problem within their inner circle for so many to have escaped, and it is now left to the Military and the law enforcement bodies to capitalize on this flaw.

The escapees have given them the lead, they should now follow and do what everyone is expecting them to do. Let us hope that they will be able to redeem themselves.

(We will continue).

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