Day 89! ………………How Did We Get Here? (30)

I saw this heading today, “Islamic Terrorists are Tugs not Theologians,” a defense for Islam.

We have had many well meaning Moslems in the past rise up in defense of Islam to douse the criticisms at Islam as the religion of violence. Whatever the case may be, the radicals go on their rampage in the name of “ALLA,” GOD. Therefore, they are fighting God’s battle, or a battle in the name of their God. To me this is religious battle, however we look at it.

They seized young girls from their school, kept them in bondage for 89 days today, forced them to convert to Islam, and possibly forced them into marriages to themselves, all in the name of their religion, and someone has the audacity to defend a religion that allows this?

Until Boko Haram and the likes of them renounce the use of their religion in all of their bloody exploits, until the whole Moslem world rise up in one voice to denounce the activities of Moslem radicals wherever they are operating, until the Moslem wealthy stop sponsoring, protecting and harboring the radicals, any defense of Islam in the light of all these are wasted efforts. From time immemorial, Islam has been a religion rooted in violence! History supports my claim. It is a well known fact.

(We will continue).

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