Day 90! ………………How Did We Get Here? (31)

It warmed my heart this morning when I read about the visit of Malala to Nigeria to see and sympathize with the mothers of the abducted girls. It is heartening to hear her say that “we must not keep silent” until those girls return. What a great support for our girls, and thank you very much Malala. She should know the pain of young girls who have been deprived of all human rights, girls with no voice. I am very, very touched about her move, and very grateful for the support. We need more supports like that for those poor girls.

The police now offers a reward for information on the girls, and on the activities of Boko Haram. About time… This was long over due. The police also says that the security situation in Nigeria has greatly improved. This could be in their wildest dream, because just as they are assuring us that they are in control of the situation, Boko Haram has claimed to have release mehem in Lagos. They claim two explosions in Lagos, and if that is true, we have to believe that an all out war is looming in Nigeria.

To disguise their presence and undercover activities, Boko Haram now uses women suicide bombers. If according to their belief men suicide bombers who die in the process are promised seven wives in the after world, will the women also get seven husbands when they dies in the act? If these women are denied all rights in this world, what guarantees do they have for a better luck in the after world? Foolish women!

(We will continue).

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