Day 99! ………………How Did We Get Here? (40)

Each morning, I wake up, and scan the news papers hoping that it will be the day that I will fire off the fireworks in celebration for the return of our girls. Each morning, I find instead more sad news about the exploits of Boko Haram. Now that they are getting a lot of notice, now that they know that the whole world is watching them, they want to let the world know that they are invincible. Today we hear that they have sacked and taken over a whole village, a village emptied by them as all the villager were either killed or escaped into bushes and neighboring towns. They have hoisted their black flag at this captured town. So now what?

People are gradually describing Boko Haram’s violence in Nigeria and against Nigerians as Nigeria’s war, instead of what it really is. Nigeria is experiencing an invasion, and incursion of some militant elements from outside Nigeria into Nigeria. So far, the Nigerian Military has shown weakness in dealing with this invading marauders, a situation which is inexcusable under any circumstance. The big security bosses are so desensitized because of their enormous corruption and false sense of power that they think they are above scrutiny.

These corrupt and myopic leaders cannot not see the danger at the door. Little by little the invaders are chipping off the Nigerian territory for themselves, and still they do not see the need to jump into action and stop this new turn of events before it gets out of control.

(We will continue.)

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