Day 98! ………………How Did We Get Here? (39)

Now, everybody seems to be playing politics with the abducted girls instead of seriously looking for ways to free them. Their abduction has given Boko Haram the exposure they desperately sought, so now keeping the girls and dangling them in front of the whole world, and swearing on their heads, has kept the world focused on their activities. This is politics.
The Military’s leg dragging, delays, and prolonged inability in finding and releasing the girls, which we now know is for the personal gains of the generals, is politics.

Even the failure of the government in tackling the abduction at the beginning with force, and in stopping Boko Haram on its tracks is also politics of a dubious type. President Jonathan, from the very beginning of the Boko Haram saga, held the opinion that the Northerners were using Boko Haram to discredit him, and unseat him as president. It is also common knowledge that some Northern power houses had threatened to make his presidency an uneasy one. Plus the fact that the activities of Boko Haram has so far, been concentrated in the North, the President seems to be telling the Northerners to boil in their own soup. That too is politics.

Whatever the case may be, President Jonathan is in charge, and this whole thing is taking place under his watch, and he is to blame for all the discrepancies. He has failed to show leadership.

(We will continue.)

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