Day 101! ………………How Did We Get Here? (42)

When I read this morning that 9 Nigerian students have been abducted in Ukraine, I thought that someone was trying to crack a joke, but it is true. Nine Nigerian students have really been abducted in Ukraine, no explanations given, no reasons given. It baffles me how Nigerians can always find their way into every nook and corner of this world. There is nowhere you do not find them, and there is also no kind of trouble they do not get involved in. I don’t know why my people are such wondering and restless souls. Until we have more information about this new abduction, I will be left with just scratching my head and wondering.

Mr. Brown, the former Prime Minister of Britain, yesterday in his interview with Katie Couric assured us of efforts on the ground in Nigeria by many foreign countries who have now converged in search of the abducted girls. Most importantly, he said that the search will not stop until the girls are found and freed. This is the best news, from a former head of State that we can rely on. I could hear the urgency in his voice as he spoke, and that gives me the courage and momentum to continue harping on the disappearance of those girls.

The President of Nigeria also gave similar promises to the parents of the girls when he finally met with them, but I cannot rely on his promises. Anyone who took that long to right a wrong cannot be trusted, but let us wait and see what he does.

(We will continue.)

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