Day 102! ………………How Did We Get Here? (43)

About time! It took Boko Haram’s incursions into countries bordering Nigeria for the government of those countries to realize that Boko Haram could end up not just being Nigeria’s problem. News has it that Boko Haram has gone into these countries and left behind their hallmarks, and these countries, Chad, Niger, and Cameroon have now teamed up with Nigeria to stop the marauders before they become too strong for their countries to handle. Something Nigeria should have done as soon as those ruffians reared their heads.

The important thing is that there is now an overwhelming feeling and assurance by all concerned with finding and freeing those girls, that they will not be forgotten, that they will be found and freed.

With neighboring countries to Nigeria, now closing in on Boko Haram, and with all the forces which we are told are on the ground also moving in on them, my prayer is that very soon, we should have cause for celebration. I pray that it will be really soon.

No member of the group should be allowed to escape when the times comes, so that they will never again regroup. The scourge of Islamic uprising and their spread throughout the world should be stopped. The world should not stand by and let this continue.

(We will continue.)

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