Day 107! ………………How Did We Get Here? (48)

The women are the ones now causing havoc amongst Boko Haram. They allow themselves to be laced with explosions and sent out to die, for what? For whom? With what promises? I know what the men who blow themselves up believe. What are they making the women believe? It cannot possibly be the same thing they believe. Perhaps they are forcing these women to kill themselves as the only option open to them in life. Or perhaps, these women chose to blow themselves up because they see that as the only option open to them. It must be one of these many reasons.

We know how women in Islam are regarded. We know how adherent of Islam will claim otherwise, but the truth is in what we see happening all over the world of Islam with women. No one can deny what we see. Strangely enough, we do not see the world of Islam denouncing openly the atrocities of their brothers and now sisters who are marauding the world and giving the world sleepless nights. Why are they not speaking out? Because they agree and condone the activities of these brothers and now sisters.

In the most, we hear them grumbling about the treatment they are receiving, the bad eyes they are given in public places, and generally the bad feeling they are getting from those around them. The world of Islam must speak out against the dastardly activities of their brothers and sisters around the world.

(We will continue.)

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