Day 106! ………………How Did We Get Here? (47)

Whoever is behind Boko Haram, whoever has dined and wined with them in the past must now know they ate with the devil. The rich and mighty in Nigeria believed they could use the poor and downtrodden to their own advantage, forgetting the poor devils are also humans who want fame, and dream of becoming rich and mighty. Today, these poor devils have tasted power and they do not want to be manipulated anymore. Today, they are acting against every rule, every instruction they were given. They are now on their own, making and following their own rules. Their mentors cannot stop them anymore, having lost control of them.

The sponsors of Boko Haram have lost sleep. They find themselves today in a deep hole they dug themselves, under constraint to continue their support of Boko Haram or be killed by Boko Haram. Look at the Cameroon, the country had for long allowed Boko Haram to use their territory to hide their loot. Today, they are on the receiving end. So also will Chad and Niger if they do not hurry up and tighten their borders.

Nigeria was slow in acting against Boko Haram, and now it seems Boka Haram has over-run a small part of the country. These other countries surrounding Nigeria, should not wait for Boko Haram to make more in-road into their countries. Members of Boko Haram are illiterate, ignorant, without feelings, merciless and murderous. They believe heaven awaits them, with their hands dripping with blood.

(We will continue.)

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