Day 109! ………………How Did We Get Here? (50)

Bad things happen in multiples, they say, and the Ebola in Nigeria is a case in study. For a country that never takes anything seriously, Nigeria seems to be dealing with the out break of Ebola with more seriousness than usual. Let us hope this is the true picture. Otherwise, this new nuisance is an unwelcome distraction from the other gut wrenching problems Nigeria has been facing. Now the Nigerian government has an added excuse for not pursuing the liberation of the abducted girls.

A former Nigerian Vice President tells us today that the problem of insecurity in Nigeria is due to bad government. I was hoping to hear something new. Every time those in position to proffer solutions for the problem of Boko Haram in Nigeria,we hear them talking politics, and everyone turns around and accuses them of playing politics. To be precise, Boko Haram in Nigeria has always been the political child of the opposition. The only problem I see with the government is the lackadaisical way of doing things, as if time stands still for them.

The opposition promised to make the government of President Jonathan ungovernable. They encouraged, supported, housed, and financed Boko Haram at the onset, but Boko Haram had their own agenda. They do not have permanent friends. You are their friend as long as you do their will, otherwise, they strike the person down. Today, some of their sponsors are at the receiving end.

(We will continue.)

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