Day 110! ………………How Did We Get Here? (51

The days are piling up again, and still no news about the abducted girls. I searched the Nigerian newspapers, the web, and the world news for updates, but found the same old stories. I saw, at least members of the Nigerian armed forces combing the dredges and forests of the North East of Nigeria in their quest to locate the girls. I pray they find and free them.

Weeks ago, the hunters of Nigeria banded together and promised to war against Boko Haram. Then for a long time, we heard nothing from them. A few days ago, I read about them asking President Jonathan to give them the permission to proceed. This is strange. Why do they need the President’s permission to go into the bushes and flush out Boko Haram as they promised? I will attribute this new development to the same Nigerian style of doing things. They want the President’s permission because that will give them the right to make demands on the President. So their’s is not a free offer after all, but an offer with hidden agenda. I will advise the hunters to please do the job first and then ask for rewards later.

Boko Haram is slowly beginning to feel comfortable in the areas they have emptied of people and taken control of. My question is, are they going to repopulate those areas with outsiders, or do they really believe that the native will return to taste more of their brutality? Time will tell.

(We will continue.)

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