Day 112! ………………How Did We Get Here? (53)

Now that Nigeria is under constant scrutiny, you would think the President of Nigeria will be taking concrete actions to show the world what he is doing, or how he is working toward finding the missing girls. Instead, he is silent. I doubt if he knows the whole world is watching and waiting on him.

If he cannot do, and will not delegate others to do for him, because of trust, then woe betide him! Woe betide all those surrounding him, pretending to help him, while setting him up for failure. His advisors have failed him. They have weakened him. They have succeeded in thoroughly making him look like an incompetent fool. He is surrounded by enemies, but he doesn’t know that. They have succeeded in isolating him from the truth, from reality. Right now, he is all by himself, incapacitated. This looks like a deliberate plan to render him non functional. They have put him where they want him, a President without the power to perform his duties, a President with no control over anything. A president who does not deserve that title.

Those who promised to make him fail have succeeded. But to what gain? Nigeria is a tough county to rule, so whoever has caused President Jonathan to fail cannot expect to succeed. What goes round comes round. I am not making excuses for President Jonathan, but we can see what is going on.

(We will continue.)

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