Day 111! ………………How Did We Get Here? (52)

I said it! Those female suicide bombers are not out there blowing themselves up of their own volition. We now hear that Boko Haram is using some of the kidnaped girls to perform their nefarious acts. These unwilling girls are sent out there, strapped in IEDs, and practically forced to walk into targeted areas, with their abductors at a distance, who then proceed in remotely triggering the bombs. This is how they have succeeded in killing and maiming in Kanu and Kaduna recently.

The cowards are not even giving these girls the chance of choosing their own destiny. I had wondered how a religion that does not respect women in this life could do so in the life after, or how the women used could buy such argument. Now we know. What they, the Boko Haram do not know is that those unwilling female suicide bombers are the real saints in all of this. They did not chose to die that way, but were thrown into the valley of death to die while causing great havoc. They became the bullet, and the bullet has no mind of its own. The one shooting the bullet is the one to pay the price, not the bullet. The blood of those girls are on their heads.

The sponsors and supporters should take note too. Boko Haram has shown cowardice in all their undertakings. Just as they sneak in and kill the innocents, so will they sneak in a destroy all those guilty of the innocent’s blood. Mark my word. The end is in sight.

(We will continue.)

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