Day 115! ………………How Did We Get Here? (56)

Campaign for the 2015 elections is in full swing now in Nigeria, and we know what that means for the abducted girls. If before President Jonathan was looking for excuses not to do his job, he got one now. The joke is that he might even be re-elected for a second term, when it is clear to everyone that his first term has been so far pure shambles. But politics in Nigeria is such that he does not even have to stand for elections to be elected. If his party wins, then he, as the party leader becomes the president, as simple as that, so all he has to do is make sure his party wins.

His main opposition is one man who has a very short memory in the politics of Nigeria. I will not name names, but we know who they are. This man said, at the beginning of President Jonathan’s rule, that he will make Jonathan’s term ungovernable. This same man has been suspected by all and sundry to be one of the sponsors of Boko Haram. Today he is on the run from Boko Haram, whether this is for real or set up to look like real, only he knows. This same man is now threatening fire and brimstone if he does not win come 2015.

This is pure irony. This same man comes from Northern Nigeria that has ruled Nigeria for the better part of her independence. This same man has even ruled Nigeria before with nothing to show for it. This is Nigeria where anything goes, where only the cunning, not the best win.

(We will continue.)

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