Day 116! ………………How Did We Get Here? (57)

No news is good news, they say. Let’s hope that the reprieve from Boko Haram’s onslaughts is good news. We know they have played all their cards, and have nothing new to show. We know also they are losing more and more members by the day, and it is not easy to replace and train new members. And so, the no news of their daily marauding could only mean one thing. They must be in disarray and on the run. How far can they run with 217 girls in tow? This also tells us one thing. They must be desperate to off load those girls, only they do not know how or to whom.

The Nigeria Military seems to have waken up at last, and are now going after the miscreants with vengeance. Who will blame them? Those cowards have done so much damage to life and property that one wants to pay them back in their own coin once caught, but the Military must remember that they are a law enforcement body, and not a lawless body. No matter how much one wants to retaliate all of Boko Haram’s ills, they must show restraint. Those murderers will eventually get the justice they deserve.

I hope the countries bordering Nigeria are tightening up their borders, because now that Boko Haram seems to be on the run, they will be using those countries as safe heaven. Those countries must remember, Boko Haram has no permanent friends.

(We will continue.)

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