Day 110! ………………How Did We Get Here? (61)

I am writing my 100th. blog today. And the girls have been missing for 110 days, disturbing isn’t it? I have scanned the news checking for news, any news of updates on the girls, but nothing. Again, let’s hope that no news is good news. My eyes are strained looking out for the girls, and my ears are plastered to the ground listening for news of them. Apart from the gradual spread of ebola, and the possible havoc it will deal on Nigerians, the only other news that is giving Nigerians sleepless nights now is the elections. In fact, I don’t think that Nigerians, especially the political circle, is worried at all about ebola. Knowing my people well, they probably think that they are immune to it, until it hits close to home.

The Chibok girls issue is definitely at the back burner right now. Even though, those on the hot seat, the executive body, who want to be re-elected, fail to see that their re-election depends on whether those girls return or not. This should be the concern of all of them, not only that of the president, especially the concern of those governors of the North who raised Boko Haram in the first place. Boko Haram is a set-back also for them.

The governors of the North, and the wealthy of the North, who have fattened themselves with money given for the development of their States, which instead, was appropriated for their own personal use, are now squirming, if they have over stayed, or maneuvering themselves back into the same positions, to stay put and continue to loot.

(We will continue.)

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