Day 119! ………………How Did We Get Here? (60)

It is now becoming clear that the rumored attack on a certain northern political leader by Boko Haram, is not true after all. First, it was said that he criticized Boko Haram, and Boko Haram turned against him, their well known sponsor. If in the first place he criticized Boko Haram, it must be because his control of the group was slipping away from him, not because of their over bearing performance. Now, the same leader is turning around and accusing someone from the South for his attempted attack.

Whenever the northern leaders accuse the South for the woes that Boko Haram is visiting on the North, it makes these leaders look like pathetic cry babies. These are people who claim that they are born to rule. These same people have ruled, and ruled, and ruled, with nothing to show for it. These same people still want to continue to rule because they believe it is their right. They raised Boko Haram, supported and protected the group to use them to cow the rest of the nation, but the activities of Boko Haram backfired on them.

So today, the ills, the ravages, and the scourge of Boko Haram is not their fault but are brought about by the South, The South caused it all. The South caused it all by challenging their claim to the right to rule. Whatever happened to rotational rule and equal representation which are part of the constitution?

(We will continue.)

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