Day 113! ………………How Did We Get Here? (64)

When the northern leaders give an ultimatum to President Jonathan of Nigeria, like the one they gave him recently; to find and free the abducted girls or lose their support for re-election, it is always with an ulterior motive. These leaders believe that because they have short memories, everyone else does. They created a monster for their own selfish means, they lost control of this monster, even though they still support and protect it. The monster has created this big uncertain void in the country, especially in the North. With their support of the monster and all, they want President Jonathan to clean their mess without any help from them? These people really believe that they are the smartest in the country.

Mind you, I am not holding any candle up for the president. As the leader of the country, he has woefully failed in his duties as leader, but I can see how he was set up for failure. He should have seen it coming too and done something about it before it got out of control. He should have the courage to begin to sack those who have failed to do their job, and are now holding him hostage for dragging his feet for too long. It is this failure to do his job, and to find those who can do it that shows him off as a weakling.

See how the Minister of Health sacked doctors who are on strike, especially on strike when the country is facing a health problem as serious as Ebola. I have said it before and I say it again, President Jonathan should look around him and remove all the dead wood surrounding him, who are making him look bad, real bad.

(We will continue.)

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