Day 114! ………………How Did We Get Here? (65)

At last, I made it. Do not ask questions and I will not tell you tales.

If the Nigerian Army were to move as fast and as stealthily as Boko Haram, the abductions by this group will not go undetected, or at least, the group will not easily get away with them. It would seem that the agreement with the countries bordering Nigeria to tighten their borders against Boko Haram is beginning to pay off. News from Chad tells us that more than one hundred captives recently taken by Boko Haram from Nigeria, were all freed and all the captors killed.

This is the kind of news we want to hear coming from Nigeria, and not the cry over the inadequacies of the Nigeria army. It is not clear whether the hundred freed in Chad are the same hundred boys kidnapped, also recently in Nigeria. The news did not link the two, but we did not hear anything about two different abductions. Unless more Boko Haram’s exploits are not being reported as a plan not to give their activities undeserved publicity. However, they continue to abduct to replenish their number who are captured and killed on a daily basis. Those blood suckers have no regard for life, not even their own lives.

One thing I know for sure, Boko Haram is marked for failure. When that happens, we shall see the cowards for what they are, a bunch of illiterate and spineless fools. Only fools can deride education, whether western to otherwise. And only fools can deny education to anyone, on the basis of gender.

(We will continue.)

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