Day 129! ……………….How Did We Get Here? (80)

Recently, someone asked whether ISIS could defeat America in an interview and the answer was quick to come, yes, the one being interviewed said. While I believe that this is a long short, I think those murderers could be mad enough to try. Have we not heard them brag that they will raise their black flag in the White House? Black flag indeed. Those lunatics may not know the meaning of a black flag, the sign of darkness, the sign of death. Therefore their threat is to veil the whole world in darkness. With all the people of light in the world, there is no way light and darkness can co-habit. One must surely give way to the other, and that other is darkness.

ISIS will not be the first demented group to try and take over the world, and they will not be the last. With ISIS, history is just repeating itself, and people never learn from history. I pray they are stopped before they do more havoc.

In a much smaller scale Boko Haram in Nigeria is trying to emulate ISIS atrocity for atrocity, evil for evil, and havoc for havoc. Now that we know what ISIS do with their abducted women, we suspect Boko Haram will follow suite with their own abducted women, the Chibok girls not exempted. Because we have committed these girls into God’s hands, Boko Haram will now have God to deal with. They say they are fighting their god’s battle, a god that allows them to commit so much evil, the battle lines are drawn. Intensify your prayers people.

(We will continue.)

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