Day 128! ………………How Did We Get Here? (79)

Now that the beast is on the loose, and has taken on a mind of its own, those who let it out are crying out for help to tame the beast and put it back under lock and key. This is the way I read the call by the Saudi King titled, “Saudi king warns West will be jihadists’ next target.” Of course, but this will come after they have taken the whole of Arabia. Now we have a new Caliph claiming supreme power and authority. The Saudi King wants the world to unite and fight ISIS before ISIS engulfs the whole world.

This is the same call I have been making to all Nigerians about Boko Haram. Although, those who let out this beast are not calling for their defeat or restrain, because they still hope that they can profit from it, the country should not stand by and allow them to continue their onslaught and rampage.

The fate of the Chibok girls as far as I am concerned is now in God’s Hands. God answers prayers, and He will answer our prayers which we must continue to make on a daily bases, not because we doubt God’s promises and faithfulness, but because we doubt the shallowness of our faith. By praying for our girls daily, we build and strengthen our faith, and God will begin to take us seriously. He needs our faith to work His miracles, so people continue praying, and continue to build up your faith in God. He will surely deliver those girls, when we least expect it. He is the God of wonders, the unpredictable God. In His own time.

(We will continue.)

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