Day 131! ………………How Did We Get Here? (82)

Just as we predicted, President Jonathan has been endorsed by his party to stand election for a second term. In Nigeria, like in other countries, party rules, and if that party wins, the person endorsed by the party rules. But his endorsement is not without challenge. Some northern members of his party are opposed to his endorsement, and this may open up an outright in-party tug of war. All of this is happening while part of the country is in complete disarray.

Yesterday, President Jonathan asked Nigerians to pray for our “Valiant Military” fighting to flush Boko Haram from Nigeria’s territory. If this is true that the soldiers are giving this fight their all, then the president must ensure the soldier’s weapons, not only match Boko Haram’s weapons, but surpass them. This story about Boko Haram’s arms being superior to the Military arms is not acceptable, unless, as we already know, the insider informants make sure that any superior arms delivered to the Military are raided and taken over by Boko Haram. This has been happening on a regular basis.

In the end, these informers, and their supporters, who are rolling in petrol money, will turn back and mock the whole country with their crooked smiles, and fake pronouncements in support of the government’s struggles in the face of crisis. One of them recently did this, by saying that he supported what President Jonathan is doing with finding the girls. This same man can get those girls released within one day just by giving the order. Instead, he mocks us all.

(We will continue.)

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