Day 132! ………………How Did We Get Here? (83)

This article titled: “Nigerian’s Army Pride Wounded,” which can be found on this link:, lists the many ways the Nigerian army has been humiliated by Boko Haram. I think the article should have been titled differently, like, “Nigerian Army Shamed by Boko Haram. Nothing can justify the level of indiscipline that we have experienced recently from the ranks and files of the Military cadre, all of them with no exception, even their wives joined the milieu.

At least, news is now filtering out about the Nigerian Military battling Boko Haram, instead of the past news about them fleeing from the murderous gang. Now, we can pray for them, now we should pray for them, that God will give them complete victory. They are fighting a just war and we pray God sees them through, and that they should not relent until this battle is worn. The call by President Jonathan to pray for the Military instead of maligning them is now in order. If they are fighting valorously, we should pray for them with favor. They need to regain their lost glory, which is not just about the Military alone, but also about the whole country.

Nigeria, we need to regain our lost glory in the face of this crisis. I am one to give my support when support is merited, and to vent when those assigned to duty fail to do their job. Right now, President Jonathan should embolden himself a lot more and do what is needed to save Nigeria. Those in the high places causing this havoc should be flushed out.

(We will continue.)

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