Day 139! ………………How Did We Get Here? (90)

Some Nigerians can be such sycophants. Just imagine anyone mimicking the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls to promote President Jonathan’s re-election bid by printing and distributing #BringBackJonathan. What a farce! What a poor taste! Unless of course this is mockery. In that case all those responsible for this act of indiscretion should be brought to book. It is not enough for President Jonathan to order the posters taken down, he must also punish those who perpetrated it.

Some people in Nigeria don’t seem to take Boko Haram seriously. They probably believe that the whole thing will go away, that the Military will as usual dispatch Boko Haram as they have done in the past with similar groups. What they don’t realize is that Nigeria has no Military, and that Boko Haram may have to be dispatched by the people themselves, that their own protection is now in their own hands. Let them continue dreaming and fooling themselves, until they come face to face with the vandals.

Just yesterday, we started reading about the more than fifty Christians arrested in Saudi Arabia. Although the story said that this has been going on regularly in the past, I see the big noise about it now in the face of ISIS as Saudi Arabia trying to assuage ISIS. I know that we have mosques in Rome the seat of Christendom, and muslims are not arrested or harassed. Why different in Saudi Arabia?

(we will continue.)

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