Day 138! ………………How Did We Get Here? (89)

Lots of disturbing news are beginning to filter out about the atrocities of Boko Haram in the places they captured and with those who stayed, mostly women. First they kill all the men, the old first and then boys 18 and above. They spare the women promising to marry them. With this scenario, who says they have not married off the Chibok girls to themselves, and killed any of them who resisted. While this could be a probability, I still believe that they know the worth of holding those girls and keeping them alive. Apart from using them as shield, they must now know the great bargaining power that those girls provide for them.

Kill them, and the news will filter out if they do, the world will have no more excuses not to attack and destroy Boko Haram, so, they are keeping the girls alive against all odds, and hoping to negotiate and come to some kind of compromise with the Nigerian government by dangling the girls during negotiations as their carrot.

Boko Haram is having a ball on Nigeria’s expense, The Nigerian government is incapacitated, the Military is humiliated, the population are without direction, and the world is standing by looking on. At the end of this, for everything comes to end eventually, not even Boko Haram will be able to tell the story of their exploits. I shiver to think of what the outcome will be. Boko Haram must be stopped now.

(We will continue.)

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