Day 155! ………………How Did We Get Here? (106)

“Nigeria senate approves military loan as militants raid villages”

I look out for these headings and search through the news to see what the Nigerian government is doing differently from what we already know. The above is no news at all. This money will disappear as usual, and the battle against Boko Haram would not have even started. No amount of money will assuage the top Military brass. As far as they are concerned, this is their time to bleed the nation dry, their time to have their pound of flesh, their time to have a piece of their national cake. As long as we understand this, no one should fret when in another month we hear that the Military needs more money.

And what did the senate mean by loaning money to the Military? We Nigerians are such jokers, and we have mastered ways of making fools of ourselves. However can a nation loan money to her Military for the Military to defend the nation? It doesn’t make any sense at all, but only to those who decided on calling this money a loan. How did they figure out that the Military will pay back this loan? Jokers all of them!

Another news is about this lone girl from the Chibok abduction, who escaped. Rather than wait for the girl to recover and tell her story, the Military and the police are out with fanfare reporting this escape, as if they made it happen. If tomorrow that girl proves not to be from among the Chibok girls, retraction will begin. Please get your facts right before you go to press.

(We will continue.)

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