Day 170! ………………How Did We Get Here? (121)

“Boko Haram girls follow sunset to freedom”

Another piece of news was circulating this morning, celebrating the escape of four other Chibok girls from their captors. This is fresh news, different from the one girl that escaped three weeks ago. Again, I will go with caution on this one. It may be a hoax just as the first one. No one now knows what game Boko Haram or the Nigerian Military is playing here. Is Boko Haram letting these girls escape on purpose, and why? The Military should get these escaped girls talking. We want to know who they are and how they escaped. We want to know the condition of the other girls. Until they tell us all these, we will remain in doubt about who they really are.

“Nigeria: Good News From the Trenches”

The good news is that the Nigerian Military is currently beating back Boko Haram, and retaking some of the towns they invaded. That is very encouraging. The president should reinforce the army even more and give them better and more incentives. President Jonathan should also watch closely, the activities of some of the generals, from sabotaging this news efforts, as they have done in the past, I mean, the in-house informants.

“Nigeria: BBOG to Mark Six Months of Chibok Girls’ Abduction”

Yes, it has been six months since those girls were forcefully taken. Six months of silence about there whereabouts, six months of bondage, and six months of continued bondage. Six months is a very long time for anyone to remain cut off from everything human. May God continue to keep them safe and save their souls.

(We will continue.)

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