Day 171! ………………How Did We Get Here? (122)

“$9.3m Arms Deal: Presidency Clears Oritsejafor”

The debacle surrounding the smuggled cash has now fully played out. Th government accepts responsibility for the cash and exonerates the pastor, whose plane was used to smuggle the cash. Fine with me. The pastor has to be more careful in the future about who uses his plane. This does not mean that the government is fully transparent. Billions were released to the Military for arms, and they are fluting a miserly millions. What happened to the rest of the money? Moreover, if the president is claiming not to be $100,000.00 rich, he should not just sent out a disclaimer, he should be willing to be audited, then we will believe him.

“Pursued by B/Haram… and nature •Borno women harvest babies in refugee camps”

Questions, questions, mountain of unanswered questions. News has it that many of the women abducted by Boko Haram, are breading children in the camps at an alarming rate, but no one knows whether the women came to camp already pregnant or not. No one knows who the fathers of the children are, as if the women cannot talk. If this news is true they should make the women talk. Let this not be another conjectured story to make us begin to weep for our girls, because we are not weeping.

“Soldiers shoot selves •To avoid deployment to Boko Haram communities”

This has been long coming. I have expected this kind of thing to be happening. However, this is Military matters. Let the Military deal with it.

(We will continue.)

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