Day 174! ………………How Did We Get Here? (125)

“Nigeria – A Fractured Giant?”

That Nigeria is a fractured nation is no news. All African nations are fractured nations. The news, as gleaned from the above headline, and the article that followed is that more Northerners, the outspoken ones, want the world to believe that Boko Haram is the birth child of the Christian south, to cause division in the country. The Bible says that a house divided is a house that cannot stand. Nigeria has been divided from the birth of that nation, and the division became more apparent at independence, when the British maneuvered everything in favor of the Northern oligarchy. That Britain or America, as the northern professor alleged, is behind the crack in Nigeria, is true, by the way, but it is like beating a dead horse.

If we are the smartest people in Africa, as we like to claim, what stopped us from reasserting ourselves? Instead, the North played this game of “I-am-mightier-than-you, over everyone until they were at the loosing end. Today they are pointing fingers everywhere else, but on themselves for their failed sense of probity, even when this beast called Boko Haram has their stamp all over it. Whatever their reason for raising this beast that is now devouring them, must have been misplaced in the first place. You cannot bully people into ruling them, nor can you cow people into submission. This is the twenty-fist century for crying out loud. They must stop, restrain and return this beast to the abyss where it belongs

Nigeria will continue to crack, and will eventually reach a point of no return if the northern oligarchy does not take responsibility for their action and recall and restrain Boko Haram. Boko Haram is solely their own making, and this is not the first time they raised a devouring beast.

(We will continue.)

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