Day 173! ………………How Did We Get Here? (124)”

The link above takes you to the following headline. “Schoolgirls Flee Boko Haram after 3-Week hike through jungle.” Four girls in all, we are told, who went through this harrowing experience. They were held in Cameroon. They could be some of our girls, but we will not know for sure until we hear from them and hear their story. Again, we do not know whether these are new escapees. My hope is that these would be from the Chibok girls,

“Six months after girls abducted, Nigerians protest near president’s house”

The news about this other headline seems to tell us that President Jonathan does not want to be reminded about the Chibok girls. This time, we learned that he sent out a force made up only of women police officers to wade off the wave of protesting women. That is very creative, women against women. Whatever his logic or reasons behind this decision, this choice of action is not funny at all. My dear president, this is no time for cracking jokes. Get those girls back! Find out from President Biya of Cameroon how he did it, and do the same.

“Why Nigeria Was Able to Beat Ebola, but Not Boko Haram”

Nigeria beat Ebola because, as the writer justly pointed out, Ebola touched every citizen. The concerns cut across language, religion, and culture. Boko Haram is looked upon as a problem of the Northerners. They woke the tiger, they tame the tiger.

“Alicia Keys Organizes Protest on 6-Month Anniversary of Nigerian Schoolgirl Kidnapping”

A big thank you Alicia.

(We will continue.)

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