Day 182! ………………How Did We Get Here? (133)

“Nigeria’s Boko Haram ‘abducts more women and girls’”

These criminals cannot be serious.What kind of truce did they make to warrant this continued senseless assault to our psych and intelligence like this? I sometimes wish that we had a man at the helms of affaires who can use the force required to root out those scoundrels. What nonsense! What kind of sick joke is this? For sometime, I have been praying and hoping that this drama will be over. A friend told me recently that if Boko Haram accepted a truce, it could be because they needed time to recruit and reorganize. With all these nonsense going on, I believe that my friend is right. How can such blood tasty louts accept a ceasefire, knowing what they do and how they relish what they do…

“Nigeria president set to announce re-election bid: source”

Look at this next heading. Again, one would think that the Nigerian president is also playing his own game, by telling the world about a truce so that he can make this announcement, without further backlash from all and sundry. Sure, that could be his game too, while lives are at stake. This is also a sick game. When will they learn that nothing stays the same for ever. This agony will also come to an end one way or the other. When that happens, how can all these nasty players look themselves in the face?

“Nigeria ‘ceasefire’ with Boko Haram in doubt after fresh unrest”

Of course, Boko Haram is playing games with all of us, a sick game, but they will lose in the end. For as long as the God we serve lives, they will lose, and will pay for their atrocities.

(We will continue.)

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