Day 183! ………………How Did We Get Here? (134)

“Nigeria Says Chad Facilitates Talks on Kidnapped Girls’ Release”

We will keep hoping and praying as long as they keep talking with those murderers, but we suspect already that they may be playing games with all of us. I can imagine them poking fun at the whole idea, laughing and swearing at us. If at the end of all this negotiating nothing happens, I will hope the Nigerian Military will go all out and root them out with force, girls or no girls. I think the time has come to end it all.

“Boko Haram Reportedly Abducts 60 Women And Girls In Nigeria, Even As Ceasefire Deal Still”

How can we be talking about freeing the girls, and a ceasefire when the criminals are still out at their usual game. We have come to know that there are now faction among them, splinter groups who disobey orders and try to outdo one another, as if their game of killing, maiming and beheading is a game of chess. So now, we don’t have to deal with one group, but who knows with how many of them.

“MootedSouth Africa returns seized $15m to Nigeria”

This is just by the way. For peace sake, South Africa has shown maturity to Nigeria by returning their stolen money. No matter what Nigeria says the money was for, we know better. The excuse that the money was for arms is because they were caught.

(We will continue.)

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