Day 189! ………………How Did We Get Here? (140)

“Rebels chase troops from northeast Nigerian towns”

The insiders have done it again. They tell Boko Haram when to strike for greater impact, and that time is usually when the soldiers are most vulnerable. As usual, they go in, ransack and loot Military and Police armory. If this is not frustrating, I don’t know what is. We have heard supporters of Boko Haram say that if President Jonathan is re-elected, Boko Haram will extend their bloody activities to the whole country. I am one of those who believe that if President Jonathan wants to continue his rule, he should first of all sack Boko Haram and get the Chibok girls released. Anything less will be a smack on our faces, and a clear disregard of public opinion, and with the resulting consequences of course.

“Feeling ‘Snubbed’ By the US, Nigeria Turns to Russia”

I have asked myself that question several times; why the US and Britain are paying lip service to Nigeria with regard to Boko Haram. I know we are bad, really bad people, but this is really not about the government of Nigeria, the president, or the military. This is about the suffering people of Nigeria, the silent majority, as we often say in Nigeria. Don’t we deserve to be saved from the hands of these blood thirsty marauders? Or is this scourge flung at us by the US and Britain, remote controlled, again as we say in Nigeria? Is it possible that the US and Britain, comrades in crime, as we say again in Nigeria, are secretly allowing this to happen, and hoping that Nigeria will eventually dis-integrate. Silence in the face of evil is acquiescence.

(We will continue.)

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