Day 188! ………………How Did We Get Here? (139)

“Tambuwal: We ‘ll regain Speaker’s seat, PDP vows”

This defector has still not resigned, and he is already conniving on how he will stay on his post. According to him, his new party will win the elections, and he will retain his seat. He is not a politician, or should I say, he is a Nigerian politician in a country where anything goes. If Nigeria were as civilized as we claim to be, will that man ever be elected to any post again? He knows that unless he is forced out by armed soldiers, who will physically take him out of his seat, he will not budge. I hope they do just that. The man does not want to go to the end of the line and start from the beginning. Someone should tell him that when you defect, you start all over.

“UPDATE: Tambuwal’s security details withdrawn”

It would seem that the government has put some plan into action to force the man out. He must resign and re-apply. That is the way things should be for both the high and low. Let us keep a keen watch as the events unfold to see how this imbroglio ends.


When I saw the name “Sheik Gum” I made a double flip with my head. His father was the originator of all Muslim unrests in Nigeria. Like father, like son, someone said. Well, he can threaten all he wants, but he should never forget how it ended with his father, because it will end the same way with him.

(We will continue.)

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