Day 191! ………………How Did We Get Here? (142)

“Nigerian rebels deny plans to release schoolgirls: report”

If I was stunned yesterday about the news that Boko Haram has married off the Chibok girls, I am not surprised about their denial of ever promising to release the girls. Everyone knows how important holding those girls is to them. That was the one single act that brought their bloody activities to world notice, and we think they will let go? To think that, is to believe that Boko Haram has a heart. I have already advocated that the Military should swoop in on them and destroy them, once and for all, girls or no girls. This cat and dog game is sick and should end now. What kind of life can we call the one these girls are living? How can anyone think that they are living? If it is true that they have been married off to the scoundrels, unless it is a ploy to divert attention and prolong matters, or to pre-empt the condition of those girls when they are finally released, then we should consider them dead. I honestly believe that those girls have been badly and severely abused, and the news about marrying them off is only a cover up. We know what Boko Haram is capable of doing. We have seen what they do. We must never believe that they will hand those girls over without a fight. To believe this is to be in denial.

“Mass Nigerian kidnappings grab investors’ attention”

Boko Haram does not care what happens to Nigeria’s economy. Not when they are destroying and burning anything that stood in their way, homes, churches, properties, and even mosques. By the time this is over Bornu State will be in complete shambles. Let us just make sure it does not extend beyond Bornu.

(We will continue.)

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