Day 191! ………………How Did We Get Here? (142)

“What now after Nigeria’s Boko Haram ceasefire fiasco?”

If there were ever a ceasefire, because Boko Haram says there was non, and I tend to believe them, the Nigerian government should realize how gullible they are to believe that Boko Haram could ever agree to release those girls without a fight. I don’t know what the government is waiting for to go all out and destroy those senseless killers. President Jonathan is a big disappointment! The more he waits to come up with the Boko Haram’s solution, the later it will become.Please, can someone advise that man?! Tell him what to do?!!

“Suicide blast kills 23 in Nigeria, prison attack frees 144”

For Boko Haram, it is business as usual, in total disregard of public opinion. Why should they care?

“I Cry For Thee My Country.”

(We will continue.)

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