Day 192! ………………How Did We Get Here? (143)

“Mubi battle: Army arrests six senior officers for fleeing”

The problem with our Military is that they have not experienced real war. Their training and make-believe war games, were simply games that even little children play, bloodless, maybe some scratches, but no real wounds from a real warfare. Now that they are faced with a real war situation, what do they do? They abscond for dear life. What a pity! I have repeatedly said, in the past, that Nigeria does not have a Military. Those we have there now are self serving, and not patriotic, and not wanting to die for the country. The whole Military should be overhauled and re-constituted if Nigeria will survive, otherwise, we will continue to experience the same scene of run-away soldiers, in the face of danger.

“Boko Haram: Resign now, CAN tells NSA, Defence Minister”

Thank God, at last, another voice has risen to the call for some high-up persons in charge of the Military, as well as the Minister of Defense to resign. This should have taken place long ago, as soon as those girls were taken, and for as long as they have remained captive. Someone should have taken responsibility for all the failed missteps, but no, they sat on their seats in their air conditioned offices, and continued to bungle everything. Let us hope that more voices will rise against these sit-tight, good for nothing leaders who do not know their job, and will not let those who know, do the job.

(We will continue.)

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