Day 194! ………………How Did We Get Here? (145)

“Boko Haram mount dynamite raid, rob bank, in looting spree”

Boka Haram has added another explicit to their many derogative names. They are now also bank robbers. They raid banks to steal, and loot, to oil their war machines. They know when to strike to meet minimal or no confrontation from the Military. They have insiders who inform and direct their movements. Both informants and fighters on the ground will suffer the same retributions in the end.

“Nigeria Stocks Slide, Ousting Zimbabwe as Africa’s Worst”

It is no surprise that the Nigerian economy is suffering under the weight of Boko Haram’s spectre. Their style of destroying everything in their path have back-fired on them too. To survive, they now have to constantly raid new towns and villages to scavenge for food. Vultures! That’s what they are. Nigeria will survive Boko Haram!

“Nigeria’s Boko Haram renames seized town in Adamawa state”

Boko Haram likes to play games, as if this war is a game. They are trying all sorts of moves for attention as well as to irk those of us following their idiosyncrasies. They enjoy blood and pain, they crave it, and will do anything to inflict it. So also will it happen to them when the time comes.

(We will continue.)

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