Day 195! ………………How Did We Get Here? (146)

“Summary execution, beheading, amputation claims in Boko Haram fight”

This article is accusing the Military of engaging in the same atrocities as Boko Haram, that is, summarily executing captured Boko Haram members. My deep sense of propriety tells me that this is wrong, but my sense of correctness tells me the opposite. Boko Haram has not shown mercy, and they do not deserve mercy. Maybe, if Boko Haram knows that they will get the same treatment that they are dealing out to others, it could change their modus operandi… I doubt it!

“Boko Haram casts shadow over Chad’s economy”

Boko Haram has shaken Nigeria, and in reflex, all the countries surrounding Nigeria will feel the shock wave. This is what is happening now to Chad. Cameroon has long been taking the blow from Boko Haram. At first, Cameroon was helping Boko Haram with hiding the captured girls, or were bullied into helping Boko Haram. Today, they are at the fore-front of attacking Boko Haram. We still have Niger and Benin republics who are still sitting on the fence and not joining the fray. In time, they too will come to understand. You do not wait out Boko Haram, you attack.

“Nda-Isaiah picks APC presidential form, says all hands must be on deck to rescue Nigeria”

This dude is not talking about defeating Boko Haram, but about the recent fall of the Naira. This fall has hit him and his cohorts under the belt, where it hurts, so they are talking of rescue. He forgets that without ousting Boka Haram, Nigeria will remain under siege .
(We will continue.)

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